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Having a really weird head scratcher here. I installed Windows 7 64 bit with all hard drives connected. No problem. Something went wrong with driver install and knackered windows. Booted into Ubuntu Live CD and wiped all hard drives relating to boot/Windows. I then disconnected all hard drives except the hard drive that was going to have Windows installed.

Rebooted with Windows disc, and installed Windows. Shut it down, reconnected the three HD's. Fine working, detected.

Now I have two last hard drives, and when I connect them up Windows fails to boot, it hangs at the animated logo. All drives are working fine, and on the first install I saw those last two drives. I have made sure BIOS is set to boot off my installed drive. All drives are formatted to NTFS.



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If the other two drives were formatted under Linux this will upset Windows.
Use the Ubuntu CD to delete the partitions on the other drives then Windows will see them as blank.


The other drives that are seen now were formatted in Ubuntu too! And so were the last two. I've just reset BIOS, and with all powered up and connected it's obviously working, have to reboot and see if it sees them.

Very unusual.

right back in, and it's seen them all! Must be SATA/IDE setting in one of the controller menus in BIOS.
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It really doesn't matter lol as long as SATA motherboard and hard drives. Things like CPU and RAM ain't gonna make any difference.

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