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A couple of nights ago I taped a movie but when I went to put a title on the Disc I got the dreaded "Recovery" message pop up on the display of the Panasonic machine.Then when I got the machine fired up again it wouldnt let me title the Disc or Finalize it!!! Grrrrrrr most annoying!
Then today the same thing has happened!:mad: I just wondered if anyone else had similar problems?? And is there anything you can do to avoid it.Its just sooooo annoying to have the movie taped and then meet with this disaster!!


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Put the title on the media first, that will pick up most of the faulty ones, and it gives you the chance to try again if it fails the first time. Some of mine wouldn't go until the third or 4th try and recover cycle.

Don't remove the media from the machine without finalising it first, as some media fail when re-inserted and the recording is lost as it can't be accessed.

Don't delete the original until you have confirmed an important dub is ok and works correctly by playing it right through. Many people would advise you to take a second copy on another make of media as a back-up as well


Thank you for the reply Ken.I will certainly be putting a title onto the Discs before I record from now on.I can deal with finding out its a faulty disc BEFORE I tape the movie than I could after the fact.Thank you very much for the help:smashin: ...I just wish I hadnt ejected those discs!

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