Weird problem with windows repeatedly becoming inactive HELP!!


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Hi Guys

I'm throwing myself on your mercy here, cos I am well and truly stumped!! Until recently, my wife and I shared a PC and email account, but when I bought a new PC about a month or so ago, I decided to set it up with separate profiles, bought a domain name and got us both our own email accounts.

What is happening now is really confusing me, if you log into my wife's profile from boot, every window VERY quickly becomes inactive, i.e. if you are typing a term in the search box in google that window will become inactive and so you'll only type half a word, and likewise in emails, you cannot complete the email as the new mail window becomes inactive very quickly, so the text input is ignored in the mail itself. In fact, its even tricky to switch user, as when you click the start menu, if you don't get to the appropriate command quick enough, the menu will suddenly become inactive and disappear.

The REALLY weird bit is that if you log in to MY profile, nothing like this happens at all, and if you THEN switch user to her profile, the problem does not happen. I don't think I have any issues with mouse or keyboard as all work fine under my profile. I have AVG & Spybot up-to-date and have completed full disc scans under both profiles and found nothing, but am really stumped. The work around is to boot into my profile and then switch to hers, so she can search & email etc, but really I'd like to know what the cause is and how I can fix it...I like to think that I know my way around both Windows and a PC, but this has me truly stumped, has anyone come across something similar happening to them??

All advice and help gratefully appreciate - I've even considered deleting that profile and starting from scratch but I don't even know if that would work...huge amounts of thanks in advance...



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Which Windows are you running and which edtion?

I'm running XP Home, SP2 with all updates in place. I had changed her account privileges from administrator so I might try and trun them back to see if that makes a change...the PC is pretty powerful Dual Core E6400, 2gb, RAM but I'll be danged if I can get this sorted....!!


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The damnest thing just happened - when the account was created it was as an administrator, but I changed it to limited a couple of weeks, ago, and this evening I've just made it an admin account again and ALL the snags have gone!! I'm happy but remain baffled, anyway, some of the responses made me think laterally, so thanks guys...I really think I'll never know now...hey ho...

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