Weird Problem with Panasonic DMR-E85 & VCR


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When watching my VCR through the E85, the picture is fine when the VCR is playing, but creates a nasty (screen/speaker damaging?) black & white moving image and high pitched sound when the VCR is stopped.

Obviously, I change AV quickly in case this causes damage, but it would be nice to avoid it.

Sky TV Scart > TV AV1 (RGB)
Sky VCR Scart > E85 AV2 (CVBS) - use Ext Link
Freeview TV Scart > TV AV2 (CVBS)
Freeview VCR Scart > E85 AV4 (CVBS)
VCR TV Scart > E85 AV1 (CVBS)
E85 > TV AV4 (Component & Phono Audio)
DVD Home Cinema > TV AV3 (S-video)

This works well as I can watch Sky, Freeview, VCR or DVD while recording it or any other source

I am guessing the problem is that the VCR's Scart and E85 AV1 are both in and out and that while neither are playing they interfere ????

If so, maybe a one way or switchable scart lead might solve the problem, what do you think?

N.B. The VCR will be used for watching existing Videos and to archive Videos to DVD.

Fred Smith

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Is the VCR set to an AV input or is there no aerial connected? So that when the VCR is in stop mode it is outputting a blank screen. If so this might be creating a feedback loop. A one way simple Scart lead may cure it.


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Is the VCR set to an AV input or is there no aerial connected?

This happens when the E85 is set to AV1 (where the video is connected), not sure what I had the VCR is set to, I'll check.

I see what you mean though, maybe if it was set to anything other than the Scart connected to the E85, the feedback loop might not occur.

The RF connections are as follows:

Aerial > Freeview In
Freeview Out > Sky
Sky RF1 > E85
Sky RF 2 > VCR
VCR > RF Splitter
E85 > RF Splitter
RF Splitter > TV


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Okay the problems exists when :~
The E85 is set to AV1 input where the VCR is connected (which it has to be to watch the VCR)

AND the VCR is set to AV2 where the E85 is connected (which it does not)

There is obviously a feedback loop occuring, with the E85 & VCR both trying to output to each other - when one is playing there is no problem as the other goes to input mode.

Well thats as I see it anyway.

Fred Smith

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But why set the VCR to AV2?

Set it to another and it goes away?

If so leave it at that, as you are creating a feedback loop.


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That's what I meant, I hadn't noticed what the video setting was, naturally I'll set it to something else.

Just one of those chance situations - I'd previously set the video to AV2 to see what DVD-R to VCR dubbing was like (no idea why - bored i guess).

Then changed the DVD-R to AV1 to watch a video and the problem occured.

At least thanks to everyone's suggestions I know what the problem is.


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