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When watching DVD's I get odd glitches on the screen that look like areas of chunky pixels!!! They only pop up every now and then and do so on all the discs I've trid so far. They pop up anywhere on the screen at random.

Any ideas folks? Is it a bad dvd player or a prob with the scart connection?



Sounds to me like you have a problem with your DVD player. Is it under warranty?

Sounds like it's having problems reading the discs properly, could mean that it's laser is misaligned or dirty I guess. Probably best to have it checked out asap.

It is usual (to a lesser or greater extent depending on how much you paid for your player) for graduating areas of colour to look pixelly in some circumstances, but I take it from your description that actual definite blocky areas are coming up on the screen.

One thing to try might be to try a different output mode, i.e. if you're using RGB, try S-Video on the player to see if this makes any difference.

Do the 'spots' happen if you 'rewind' the DVD and then replay the same section again?

I don't beleive that a problem with the scart cable would cause this, it would more likely cause fuzzyness or breakup since the signal is analogue at this point.


Second thought (equally useless no doubt!) is that I guess it could be a processing glitch with the player, in that it has read the disc properly but there is a fault with one of the chips in the player and it is introducing the blocks somehow. If there are any picture enhancement modes that are switched on in the player's options, you might try switching them off.

What a pain problems like that are. I had my first player for 10 months (right when DVDs were introduced about 5 or 6 years ago now) before finally getting Allders (great place to buy AV) to replace it because it would randomly interrupt the sound. My guess is that their engineers could never trace the problem because they probably didn't have a Dolby Digital setup and were probably just using the analogue sound out!

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