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Weird piccy prob

Discussion in 'TVs' started by zoot, May 21, 2002.

  1. zoot


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    I have a Sony KV-32FX60 W/S.....

    The picture has suddenly gone ......er, a description is gonna be difficult, but,...... like certain parts are
    "bleached ".

    Lets say someones hair is dark brown, ......patches of their hair are now very light brown. And the same goes for all other areas of the picture. Grass is 2 tone , ....watching a footy match where there is a vast expanse of green in the picture is odd. Patches of very light green on darker green.

    It reminds of a really bad painting by numbers thing, where someones face has a highlight, but its gone way OTT.

    All these bleached effects are moving around as the picture moves.

    And peoples faces have become very MATT TANNED ......no pinky -ish flesh tone any more.

    Its totally bizarre....anyone got any clues?......
    I have an NTL digi box and VCR inline....using scart / coax.
    Was absolutley fine last night.......now its borked

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