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Weird PC problem - Windows 7/XP Dual Boot, 'Bootmgr is missing' - which one?


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Hi guys

Need to pick your brains please!

I built a PC last year, which worked fine with XP for a while, and has worked fine with a Windows 7 dual boot for a good few months now. However, starting last Friday a very weird sequence of events & subsequent attempts to fix have left my completely flummoxed...

Friday 18th - sync my iPhone to iTunes in Windows 7 (don't really use XP any more) - took less time than normal, so for some idiotic reason I synced it again, but didn't think to look at anything.

Saturday 19th - have iPhone in dock in car, and hit play on the remote, only for nothing to happen. When I pull over for a look, all music has disappeared. Apps & everything else ok.

Sunday 20th - I really should've thought a bit more about what I was doing, but I was in 'Apple mode' (i.e. 'it'll be fine, it'll sort itself out'...), and synced it again, without taking a backup of the old backup - hence overwriting it. This time, it took all my apps off! I then ticked both the music and the apps in iTunes to be synced (why had they got un-ticked?!), synced again, only to find my apps were back but no data - including an important password database that I haven't been able to sync lately, and all my notes in a notes app, etc.

Monday 21st - get some time to play around. Decide to look at the last 'backup of the backup' I did, which looks like being February. To make sure, I looked at the long sequence of numbers iTunes assigns to each devide, and did a search from the Start menu for the first 6 letters/numbers of that filename... Literally the second I hit enter, my screen went black, and my PC was dead!! I've never known anything like it.

When I tried to reboot I was getting a different error message everytime, but could never get as far as choosing the OS or launching one of them. I put in the Windows 7 CD and did a repair, which said it found problems and fixed them, but all that changed was I now got a consistent error message - "NTLDR not found". Googling told me NTLDR isn't used in Win7, so figured something had gone wrong with the XP partition. (FYI, both OS's and all my programs are on one HD, partitioned down the middle, whilst all my data is on others).

Further Googling and fiddling, including putting putting the NTLDR from a backup of the Windows CD I have into the root drive of the XP partition - nothing changed. I have a hard drive dock, and currently have the HD mounted in that on my work PC. I have run checkdisk on it, which didn't find or do anything, but the error message is now "BOOTMGR is missing". I'm utterly lost now. One of our external IT support guys was in, and he said Boot Manager is the 1st thing to happen on the PC, and is used to, funnily enough, manage which OS starts. So... any ideas how to put this right? Or even what the problem is?!

If nothing else works, can I format the XP partition while the HD is mounted on my work PC, to see if Win7 starts ok? Last resort will be to format the whole damn disk and start again. Grrrr! I backup all my data drives, but not this one.

Oh, and if I mount either this or any of my other drives, they look like everything is still intact, however, weirdly, the folder where the iPhone backups should be stored has mysteriously vanished! I've searched every one for the 'Appdata' folder, or even the 'Apple Computer' folder, but it doesn't exist anywhere..........


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although i haven't needed to recently for probs like this i used to use one of the linux boot loaders such as lilo,
basically boot off a linux cd get the boot setup prog to scan for partitions then install the loader selecting a default partition to boot from.


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If i recall xp uses ini files and in vista it was changed to the bootmanager exes. you can also use a program called vista boot pro if you can get it to boot on windows.

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