Weird MMS Problem


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Hi all

As the title says really, Im on Orange UK and i have a strange problem with my iphone 4 running IOS 5 (but the problem has always been there), i can send MMS to anyone and i can receive MMS from most people however anyone who is on O2 (in the UK) cant ever send me a picture, it never arrives on my phone, any idea why this would be, i cant follow these instructions and i dont have mobile data network as an option

Anyone got any ideas whats wrong?


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If you can receive from other people, suggest the problem is not with you, but with your friends on O2.


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Yeah i did think that but surely someone else would have had the same problem, i cant find anyone else on the net that has anything similar, which is annoying as there is nothing i can follow to try to fix it

Jase Winter

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My iPhone on O2 won't send or recieve MMS despite it being part of my tariff. O2 told me they were having issues but this was about a week after the 4S came out, still isn't resolved for me but I haven't called them back as yet.
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