Weird Loss of Sat Signal


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Wondering if someone can help, or if anyone has experienced a similar issue.

I have Sky HD and two Sky+ multi-room boxes.

One of my multir00m boxes on Sunday kept giving me the "No Sat signal is being received", when I checked the signal strength and lock indicator it was telling me that signal 2 lock was ok, but there was no lock on signal 1.

I tried re-setting the LNB, but still no joy. So then I brought my other Sky+ box in and plugged the sat feeds into this, and got the same result (it was working perfectly in other room - also Sky HD box has been working perfectly).

Then I thought, that just so we could watch TV I'd swap the RF cables between input 1 and 2 - when I did this I lost sat feed on both signal 1 & 2. I then went to swap them back and when I removed the RF cable going into 2 I got perfect signal strength etc on signal 1!? This is happening on both the Sky+ boxes - I can get great signal strength through signal 1, so long as I leave the other cable not connected - if I start to connect it to the box I loose the signal again - so it is currently dangling unconnected at the back of the box.

The RF plugs both look fine and I cant see and damage to the cable, although havent been able to get to the LNB due to the slope of our roof.

Sky tech help werent much help either - has anyone any suggestions?


PS weather was fine at the time.


It's a strange one but my first thought is - does it matter?
Do you really need to be able to watch one channel while recording another on all the machines?


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Hi - no not really to be honest.

Although the record functionality on each machine is handy. For instance I like watching the football while the wife likes things like x-factor, we also have kids so we don't always get the opporutnity to watch these programmes live.

Also, we record things on the upstairs box too, so that we can just go up to bed and watch rather than having to "stay-up" to watch the end of a program.


Looks like it needs fixing then.
One odd thing - those RF cables and plugs - they should be f-plugs.
You have two cables from the dish to each of three machines - right?
Have you tried all the possible pairings of them?


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I've just googled F-plugs, so yeah that looks like them.

Yes, there are two cables going to each of the 3 boxes.

The cable I think is called "shotgun", where the two seperate feeds are joined and run together and only split appx 6 inches from the f-plug - so I havent tried all possbile pairings.

Although, the box upstairs was working fine and the HD box was working fine. It only seems to be when I use the feeds into the downstairs Sky+ box (in particular the feed that I currently have un-connected), at first I thought it must have been a problem with the downstairs Sky+ box - I suppose I could try connecting both the Sky+ boxes in turn where the Sky HD box is currently connected?

Or maybe a connection/waterproofing probelm in the LNB with that particular feed?


Yes, that's possible and, by testing them all you'll find out which cable if any of the six is or are the ones that are affected.:)


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Swapped all the boxes about and they are all working perfectly on all feeds apart from one - which feeds the sky+ box downstairs.

So, either the cable is damaged somewhere (i cant see any damage) or the connection for that cable in the LNB is loose/water damaged?

I've had to ring a guy to come out as I have no roof ladders - he ran the cables for me in the first place and I know him pretty well so he's not going to charge for coming out just if he needs to replace cable etc.

My bet is the cable is damaged somewhere and that this is no coincidence as we've had a puppy in the house for the last few weeks :rolleyes:


It's a lot of hassle for one connection out of six but my guess is that it's at the LNB socket so you do need the guy with the ladder.
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