Weird LCD Issue - Hitachi 32" 7200


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Sep 11, 2005
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Coxhoe, County Durham
Hi There All,

I've had this tv about a week...

I think it seems to suffer slightly from buzzing but its not bad enough to affect viewing... seems to only be noticable on black screen's with noting on... i.e. av channels with say dvd or ps2 powered off.

Anyways... today i was playing on the incredible hulk on ps2 and during a level load a screen came on with the hulk logo on (bright green) and then a thick white strip came on next to it which looked like static/noise... i changed picture modes and it totally went when on cinema... but on dynamic it was worst... i then tried to change channels going to a non scart channel... went to bbc1... and when you press a channel button the screen goes black for a moment before your channels comes on... well during this black i could see thick white stripes on the left hand side of the tv.... it all then seemed to go ... then it all came back but worse ... and now its back no normal... totally fine

if it re-appears i will get some screen shots!

:( deffo looked like something wrong with the tv its self


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NOTE - this only seems to accur on av channels ... av3 is a little better and the rgb/dvi chans have no issues at all also note at this point nothing is connected to av chans as i removed ps2 etc incase that was issue :(
Sounds like a faulty set. Not heard of that before but might be best to get it replaced or get a refund on it.
i live in a very small cottage type house... ive thrown the box away tho i do have all the other gear... i should be ok for replacement shouldnt i? not like i want a refund?
If you'd wanted to get your money back or exchange it for another make, you'd be goosed without the original packaging. If it's faulty, I'd have thought you'd be alright, as they have to fix or replace under the guarantee. You should always keep the packaging though, at least for a month, just in case.
god i do hope so... not even a week old yet ... only had it since tue.

thew box was huge tho :( didnt have the space for it

i just want same model, not askinf for money bk or anything

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