Weird issue!


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When I try to set my second monitor to its native resolution (1360*768) this happens:


I can select the resolution when the monitor is disabled but when I enable it that specific option disappears.

The card is an Nvidia 8600 GT

Also I don't get this problem if the second monitor is the only monitor being used.

I can create a custom resolution and select 1360*768 but this simply resets itself after a reboot so I can no longer select it until I delete and the re-add the custom resolution.


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It sounds like the VGA cable you are using is missing Pin 9, this is used for the VESA DCC EDID, which is used by the PC to confirm what resolutions the monitor can display. I had the same problem connecting my HTPC to a 46" Samsung M87 TV.

Even same brand new cables still have pin 9 missing.

By selecting "extend desktop" you are forcing the same desktop across two monitors. I think this will also force the same resolution to the two monitors.

Nvidias monitor control tool will give you better options for clone, dual and split monitor options.


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Use PowerStrip to create the custom resolution, then you won't lose them after a reboot.

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