Weird issue with capturing footage to laptop

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    I have been hacing numerous problems over the last week trying to capture DV footage from my Panasonic NV DS25 camera to my laptop.

    I have tried installing the fix from Microsoft, copying files from SP1 and everything.

    I know it works as I have done it in the past, but not since upgrading toXP SP2.

    In the end it now seems to be working, but only when I have my wireless PSMIA network card connected to the laptop. If this is not in, it will freeze every capture program when you even try and preview or capture.

    I'm hoping that by having this connected it will process correctly, but it seems extremely weird that this would make such a huge difference.

    Oh, and I also noticed that since it is working, by changing my SidSpeed number to a lower number such as 1, it is smoother than the recommended 3 value??

    Does anybody know whether this would be an issue with SP2, or if I have something weird going on with my laptop configuration!



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