Weird interference problem



I have a VW11HT projector, ceiling mounted. When I'm using Component Video, the picture is fine, but using S-Video, I have a horizontal line that scrolls up and down the screen... it alternates white and black. Sometimes it distorts the screen badly enough that the projector needs to reset itself (1/2 second outage). This problem is intermittent; sometimes the screen is crystal clear.

There is an electrical box in the ceiling that has an outlet in it. The projector is plugged into an APC Line-R Conditioner that is plugged into the outlet. The ground from the projector is screwed into the back of the APC box. This electrical box gets its power from a switch in my living room. I've since replaced the switch with a switch/outlet combo (using the same ground as the box in the ceiling) and all my components are plugged into that.

I've also connected a different S-Video cable directly from digital cable box to projector (it typical runs through a Sony STRV444ES). Same result.

I don't know where else to check for interference. Can anyone help?


Well, no one better qualified than me will take the plunge. I've had a lot of interference problems with S-Video, wasted my money on better, screened cable, put the vid feed in a separate conduit, laid it on the floor away from everything I could find, and eventually cured the problem by giving up.... I don't use S-Video any more. I got myself a keene synchblaster cable and haven't looked back since. It does RGB scart to VGA 15 pin, and does it brilliantly. Only fault is that sometimes when I turn on the PJ the image is set off to the left, and the right side of the image is black. This goes away if I switch off, then back on, the RGB source. It seems to me that S-Video is very interference prone, it's not the best for sending a signal over a distance, component is best at that. Your problem could be any electrical signal within 2m, it could be a cable under the floor, in the wall, an energy saving bulb upstairs, etc. Is it worth the hassle, how much do you need that signal? A pro-v or synchblaster might cure the trouble.

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