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I have a strange problem with my SKY+/Samsung 37A656 LCD TV and I can't work out whether its the TV or SKY.

I'm watching SKY+ (both recorded and live) via scart with RGB enabled on SKY+ and I'm seeing what looks like an interference line (varying widths, couple of mm to an inch, and varying locations) going straight across the picture.

I thought only certain programmes/channels showed the problem but I'm not so sure now. The only channel that seems to consistently ish show it is 370 (channel U, a music channel). Other channels/programmes show it in different locations, but is never as bad as 370.

I have tried 3 different scart leads, and a spare SKY+ box and channel 370 almost always has this line. I then disabled RGB in the SKY+ menu and hey presto, line gone in all cases.

I also tried using SKY+ with an older Samsung LCD and it DIDN'T show the line. However, when I posted the question in the Samsung A656 forum they suggested it was an interference problem not a TV problem, but the more I see the issue the less I agree! The signal/quality strength is good.

To me, its almost as if certain picture conditions the TV can't quite cope with and when it happens the 'interference' appears, but in the case of 370 its always the right condition so is always there.

Any thoughts?



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Its very bizarre, and last time I checked channel 370 was fine so it has all the symptoms of an interference problem, but, I really don't think it is. A good example was watching Soccer AM yesterday, where they do the 'Razor Rudduck' scenes (if anyone watches it?), EVERYTIME it cut to the shots where he looks at the camera funny and the picture darkens (and they put a caption, like 'halftime' on the picture) the 'interference' was bad, but only for those specific scenes of the whole piece.

I just don't know what else to try.



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I have an update to this issue that I'm hoping will give some clever bod the necessary info to solve my problem!

Having got nowhere with this, I finally sent the TV for repair. Sure enough, they couldn't reproduce it but replaced the "board" in the TV anyway. When I tested it using a SKY+ recording I had that reliably showed the problem, it didn't happen so I thought it was fixed. I then watched/recorded "Soccer AM" and unfortunately the problem showed itself during one part of the programme (quite bad in fact.)

I have now borrowed a PVR, and instead of SKY+ direct to TV using scart, I tried, SKY+ -> PVR -> TV (all scart connections). I checked the PVR does pass the RGB signal through (as this is required to reproduce the fault). With the PVR off, the recording of Soccer AM I have still shows the problem. With the PCR on, the problem is no longer there.

Therefore, my own conclusions are that, the fault is actually a combination of the SKY+ AND TV together. It seems, the SKY+ is sending a signal that is "iffy" and the TV shows the "iffyness" and can't fix it. However, the PVR messes/fixes with the signal and the TV shows it fine.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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