Weird horizontal line problem Samsung TV


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Hi, I recently bought a Samsung LE19R86B for my Xbox 360. The only problem is that is shows weird lines. The lines appear whenever there is on-screen movement and are most prominent in 720p mode. I've tried different devices and different inputs (composite, component, scart, hdmi), but the lines keep showing up. Here's a photo of the lines as they appear in 720p:


However, the lines do not show up in the on-screen menu and curiously neither in PC-mode (VGA), which suggests that it is not a faulty LCD panel. I have no idea what it could be. Any ideas?


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Moderator Comment: Please give people more time to answer, most people who could help would/will probably be at work at this time of day... just be patient.



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I've the same issue but mine's vertical lines and samsung and won't do anything sinc eout of the 2 year warranty :(

life sucks u know that?

if yours is in warranty, then get it repaired/replaced asap.


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I got the tv last week so I still have my 2 years of warrenty.. I wasn't sure if it was a malfunction or not since the lines don't appear in menus and PC-mode, so I thought I'd ask here to be sure.

I think I'll give Samsung a call after the weekend.


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That is wierd.

Do these lines appear for the whole time that there is motion on screen or do they come and go?

Im just wondering if they are something to do with the noise reduction measures being off/on.

Have you been into the menu's and had a look?



Maybe they are the scrolling lines fully discussed here?

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