Weird geometry prob on Sony FQ75


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I have a 2yr old Sony KV32FQ75 which has a very weird geometry problem.

Every time it's swithced on (either from standby or from the switch), vertical lines aren't vertical. They slope to the left from top to bottom. The amount of slope varies every time, sometimes only barely noticeable, other times really annoying.

I found from day one that if you go into the "Setup -> Manual Setup" menu and wait about 2 seconds, it all straightens out. After that, the geometry is very good.......until the next time it's switched on. The only other issue is that I had to set the "rotation" setting to a max value of 5 to have the picture level - don't know if that may be related.

I complained to the retailer within a day of getting the set and they sent an engineer who commented 1) They all do that and 2) don't push for a replacement as the next one I got would almost certianly be worse in many other ways than this one. Having recently read about the scrolling bar issues (which mine does not suffer from) he might have been right on point 2) !

Has anyone heard of this problem before and if so is it fixable (eg. from service menu ?) The set has 5 yr warranty so I wasn't too bothered about haggling over the engineers statements initially, but after 2 yrs of menu hopping every time I switch it on it is now getting on my nerves.



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