Weird Desktop PC Audio setup - should I change it?


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Due to a change in personal circumstances last year, my entire AV setup is currently limited to my desktop PC setup:


Music: Spotify Premium (mainly rock/metal, some electronic/synth);
TV/Films: Streaming services;
Other: PC Games & Discord.
DAC/Headphone Amp: Audiolab M-DAC Mini (fed by PC USB, mounted under the desk).
Stereo Amp: Fosi Class D Stereo Amp (fed by RCA from DAC, hidden away).
Speakers: 2x Q Acoustic 2010i, rear port foam in, Van Damme Blue cable 2x2.5mm, on Kanto desktop speaker stands.
Headphones: Philips SHP9500 open backed.

While I did some research on the individual parts, I really just threw together items I could get my hands on second hand/clearance/cheaply in order to put together a working setup. It doesn't feel like an "optimised" or "balanced" setup and lockdown meant I couldn't really audition any of the kit.

I'm likely to be needing a consolidated desktop setup for a while, and it's something that I'd probably want to keep even when my living situation changes. I do have a Richer Sounds locally I can visit, but would like to go in armed with a bit of independent advice first.

  • Is there a single element that jumps out as "wrong" for this setup?
  • With a budget of £500 - 600ish, what upgrades should I considers?
  • What can I do to get the best experience from this sort of setup? (e.g. how to balance volume across PC/DAC/AMP, software tweaks, room treatment)
All thoughts appreciated.

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