Weird defect on LG 65SJ850v, any ideas ?


I have a weird defect on a 3 year old LG 65SJ850v. On the left side in specific scenes, mostly when showing a specific color on the entire screen a vertical band shows up on the left side.

Weird thing is when watching TV (with a setup tv box from my provider), watching Netflix or Prime with the App on WebOS, playing PS4 this is not visible at all. Not at close range, not in the provided test image in the settings. I have attached some files, i used a YT test video to make it appear but otherwise it is not noticable.

I already reset the TV, went trough the backlight and local dimming settings. My guess would be that the local dimming on the left side is broken but why do i not see it when watching TV, i do see it appear when a scene has a specific scene with one color dominating the full screen.

Any ideas ?


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This is not an OLED so you could be experiencing the Banding issue on OLED.

I have had a message on another forum with a user with the same problem and had it examined by the repair service of LG, the problems lies in the LED screen itself and not in the Dynamic Local dimming or the electronics. The replacement screen is no longer available so it seems like we are in the hands of the leniency of the seller or LG.

I have started a support ticket with LG.


Update : It seems to be mostly gone, in test video's I cannot detect it anymore. Very strange.
LG service recommended repair or send it in for service.

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