Weird "blooming" effect with widescreen black bars


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I apologise in advance if I use incorrect terminology trying to describe the issue. I bought an LG A1 Oled recently (my first Oled) and I'm mostly very happy with it but I've noticed a strange "blooming" effect when watching something that uses black bars for widescreen.

It is most obvious on the bottom black bar and I think the effect is most obvious when playing HDR or DV content. It doesn't appear at all times but comes and goes during TV shows an movies and I think it's worse during panning shots.

Essentially what I'm seeing is a much lighter or brighter image about an inch or so high from the black bar, it actually reminds me of my current crappy old IPS computer monitor with an overly bright back light. I do know that Oleds dont have a backlight which is why it looks so weird and why I have no idea what the issue might be. I've tinkered endlessly with the picture settings and nothing really seems to help so I'm hoping someone here might know what's going on?



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I've noticed something similar myself with some blu rays I've played on my C1 OLED. Its mainly older films that looks like they have light bleed at the edges. Its mainly on black scenes when the film starts, for example warning of copyright etc. I can only think it must be the film and not the TV because if I put a recent film in or switch to movie on TV with black bars, its fine and pitch black at all the edges


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Could just be your eyes, I see blooming all the time on my oled, because I have bad eyes. If I wear glasses it disappears instantly.

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