weird aerial set


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im in a new flat, and the aerial wall socket is...well....odd.

i have 2. one is a traditional socket, as you would expect. the other has two sockets, one male, one female, and both have a small bit of metal sticking out of the plastic just above

anyways, when i connect from the regular socket to my tv, everything is fine....can get almost all channels fine. ish. the itv ones are full strength but i cannot get itv 4 at all. the bbc channels are fine, but around half strength

so, when i plug into the other socket, i get all bbc channels at full strength, reduced for the otv ones, but can get itv 4, but not dave, for example

anyone any idea what is going on here? also, is there a way i can combine the two signals into one and send it to my tv?



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Would you care to share a picture of what you're talking about, please? "bit of metal" is a bit vague...
Regards, Iain.

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