Weeds vs Breaking Bad


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Have been watching breaking bad. I am on season 3. I have heard 'Weeds' is equally good. Similar theme and equally as dark. I like dark shows with morality weak characters. Should I start watching weeds. What do you guys think?


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Weeds is a comedy compared to Breaking Bad.

Reminds me of when there's two films being released that are very similar and you know one is cashing in on the other. Weeds is cashing in on Breaking Bad, despite Weeds starting in 2005 and Breaking Bad in 2008. :)

i.e. I only gave Weeds a chance after hearing it was a loosely similar theme to Breaking Bad. Got a few episodes into season 1 and haven't persevered yet.


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weeds is quite good especially the first few seasons ....quiet a good one to watch with the missus

....found the last 2 seasons a bit annoying....only got half way through season 7

...definetly no breaking bad though!

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Weeds is nothing like breaking bad, Weeds is a comedy and breaking bad is a drama.

Weeds was good for the first couple of seasons and then went downhill, its still watch able put no where near as good as it used to be.

Worth a watch but don't go in expecting it to be anything like (or be half as good as) breaking bad.


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I watched the first half of s1 of weeds yesterday and thought it was a bit rubbish in all honesty, it feels like a soap opera about the day to day lives of suburban housewives, almost a comedic desperate housewives with no likeable characters, deleted the rest- its not a patch on breaking bad or other top rated shows imo
Weeds is mildly amusing in a self-consciously quirky way, but I bailed half way through the second season because I got bored with it. Breaking Bad is one of the greatest drama series ever and far more ambitious. No comparison really.

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