Wednesday December 13th (wii stock)


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If anyone finds out today about any UK stock availability for the wii, could they post it here?

Personally I am in South East London, but could also get about in the City or Oxford Street etc if needs be!

Also is there anywhere where you can still pre-order?

Thanks ..... Simon.


Standard Member taking pre-orders on there next batch.


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Same here bought a fair bit with them recently and they are great.


their speed and rpice are both goo,d and they went out of there way to helkp with browser issues to do with their website.


After they ship, got a great deal last night, rainbow Six: Vegas £30 and arrived this morning, so id recommed them
I just walked into Tecos in Newport (South Wales) and found 3 empty cases on the shelf.. There was no sign of anything saying "Out Of Stock" so I took it to the checkout.

I had a feeling that they were in stock.. I don't know why.. I just knew, but the girl said no.. But I insisted and then saw a suited sales bloke walk across the shop with one.. I pointed at him and she shouted across to find out whats going on.

Apparantly they had a bunch in this morning, so I promptly game them my Credit Card (And Club card) And left with a Wii....

First class!!


Te Bheag

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Update on today's stock around Wolverhampton/Telford. Tried:

Woolworths Bridgnorth & Telford - only pre-ordered Wiis, but plenty of Wii play, nunchuks and games
Tesco Extra Telford - nothing since getting 30 at launch no idea when next lot in, some games and Wii play
ASDA Wolverhampton - nothing, some games, might be more tomorrow
Morrisons Bilston, Walsall and Wellington - Nothing
Sainsbury Bentley Bridge - nothing and no sign of anything (had 3 DS's though).

So I've been busy doing nothing this morning. Any other updates for today?


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