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Geordie Jester

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Oct 14, 2003
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Hi there,

Just thought I would share some of our wedding shots.

Photographer was Alan Mason. Great guy, and great work.



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Blimey, thats some dress!! :eek:

Nice photo's, very different from your usual type of wedding shot :)
I like the first two a lot, not sure about nos. 3 to 5 but just because I am not too keen on these angled shots that a lot of photographers are doing these days. I like the idea of having the brides reflection in the mirror in the last shot.
I love the last one with the brides reflection in the mirror. :cool:
cheers guys.

3 to 5 are our faves to be honest. horses for courses though, you are right.
not sure on any of them to be sure, mostly to do with focal points of the image 3,4,5 and 6 especially. the brides face is obscured in every single one of them, and you see more of her back than her face. i think some of them would look better with a slightly differnt angle. number 3 just does nothing, maybe the B+G should have been in the foreground

number 1 is yes the best one of them, but it looks slightly soft to my eyes

the mirror one is a nice idea but i cant work out if the reflection is slightly blurred... might do with being cropped closer so you see more of the mirror image than the surrounding area.

as someone else mentioned though, its nice to see people trying something different though
easy tiger !!!

First of all, 'you see more of her back' in those shots as they were shots of us and the back of her dress, to show off its drama.

He took plenty of interesting shots of our fronts and our great faces, just not to be posted here for strangers. We didnt just get 6 !

I think you could consider being just a tad more tactful when you say that '3 does nothing'. It clearly does 'something' for my wife and I or I wouldnt have bothered picking it out to post.
Must be something in the air today judging by this post too... :(

Geordie Jester, I am no judge on here but posting photographs on an internet forum for the nation to view be prepared for critique as well as praise mate.. Don,t jump down their throat because they have expressed their opinion (good or bad)

mr jones did make a final quote which left his final opinion
as someone else mentioned though, its nice to see people trying something different though
which I agree with. ;)

Just my opinion. Don't take it personal.. :)
Hi Buster,

I guess the point is like we said, we are not the photographer and just shared the excitement of getting our pics back.

Just didnt expect to get them critiqued in such a 'thorough' and complete way. !!

Knocked the wind out our 'high' and upset us I suppose. :(

Dont really think I 'jumped down his throat', but did feel defensive and though I was being asked to defend why we would possibly want pick these 6 out of the selection of previews.
Geordie Jester said:
Hi Buster,

Just didnt expect to get them critiqued in such a 'thorough' and complete way. !!

Glad we are at peace now.. :D

I have posted "what I think" are tremendous shots on photography forums and have been shot down in flames with members criticizing them and it knocks the stuffing out of you at the start, But I learnt to deal with it and it makes you pull your socks up for the next pictures you post.. :lesson:
I have also posted what I call only moderate shots ending up with over 30 replies full of praise on them.. :confused:

At the end of the day if we all liked the same stuff we would all be driving the same cars and eating the same food.. :smashin:

Such is life.. :)
sorry didnt mean to offend, i was just painfully brash as per usual.

please dont say ive wrecked your high, i could have been stood at the back of your wedding shouting, "you cant marry him! he looks like krusty the clown!!"

as long as you like them, thats the most important thing!, not the opinion of some jumped up **** on the internet!

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