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Websites hang until another is opened?


Well-known Member

I have a strange problem which I assume is to do with my wireless router.

Often (more than 50% of the time), a web page will 'hang' and forever be at the 'loading' stage with the circle spinning around to show something is happening.

However, when I load a different web page up in another tab, the original 'hanging' web page loads up too. Refreshing can also work.

This happens when using 2 laptops and my HTC Desire HD. I have tried using IE and Chrome.

I have an Edimax AR-7284WnA router and use Supanet as my ISP. Wired connections seem fine, although I've had trouble connecting to private chat and a party when on Xbox Live recently.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



thats most likly the router causing the lag of speed opening pages have you got a spare router to try

if it still same after changin router then it be most likly isp cant see it being your laptops or pc if you say they all do the same


Well-known Member
I think it must be the router. I don't have another unfortunately. I got it from my ISP, so I could ask for a replacement (it's only a few months old).

I turned the router off for a couple of hours while we were out yesterday, and when we came back and I booted it up again there was no lag and everything connected really quickly. However, later on in the evening it was back to its old tricks and hanging webpages again.

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