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Hi All,

I've got one of those problems/questions that has left me a bit lost and confused but to which I am SURE someone here will be able to explain in the blink of an eye :rolleyes:

Basically, as part of my 4th year project we've got to re-write and keep up-to-date our Formula Student website ( Now, last year one of the guys held the website on his NTL personal webspace, he has now graduated and his account with NTL must have expired because you now get a horrible "page not found screen" when you enter our address. So we are going to re-do the site and get it loaded onto someone elses (member of this years team) NTL webspace.

Now I managed to work out all by myself that is "owned by" or whatever the term is by but I spoke to them today and they said that is "not on our freedom2surf name server" somebody must have listed the site on another name server. I have no idea what this means :confused:

Secondly, when you used to browse through the Teamsussex website it would always stay saying instead of showing the actual NTL address of the stuff you were viewing, but the girl I spoke to today said that all they offer was a re-direct, which meant the address bar would just be changed to point at the NTL site. We really dont want this as it doesnt look very professional, but how on earth do you go about all this?? I'm well and truly lost :lease:

Does this mean we dont need to pay the bill for freedom2surf? If we arent on their "name server" do we not need them any longer?

Thanks in advance



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To get you started, the name server for is currently with, a US web site hosting outfit. Their website is at:

The domain is still live and registered by freedomtosurf to Engineering 2 University of Sussex and points at: (I've removed part of the address to protect his privacy).

I guess the first thing to do is to see if you can trace your man and see if he is registered with lunarpages. If you can't contact him, try contacting lunarpages and see if they can help.

A good site for looking up this sort of stuff is:

~Kev H~

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Cheers for the response GaryB :smashin:

Got someone on the case today. Hopefully we'll have the website back up and running by saturday.

Thanks for your help - Kev
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