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Hi. My LG 55B7 has updated to the latest version of Youtube and I have lost the use of the back button. Instead, on the bottom right of the screen is an escape key for back, which I can only use if I use the pointer on the magic remote. This is a lot less convenient than just using the back button.

the strange thing is that the app version is now - MISSING_LABEL and the device is showing as DESKTOP. The client is 7,7. 20201104.00.01.

It seems like my youtube tv app thinks it’s on a computer! has anybody else had the same problem?

edit: solved by completely resetting the app
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Same here. Frustrating as hell. Google search to find if it was just me or a new general issue. Nice to see it's not just me!


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Me too! Searched and found this page. Decided to register just to acknowledge the issue. I'll try the reset.

Edit: resetting didn't work. 🙁
Edit again: actually, worked. I initially just uninstalled/installed the app, which didn't change anything. Then found the Reset option in settings. All good now. 🙂
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Thank you dukester_uk. I had similar problem on my LG Oled C7. uninstalled app, reinstalled app nope the same!

The RESET in settings fixed it, :):clap::)


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Yay thanks all. As above, reinstalled app with no improvement - was assuming I'd need to use my phone until they released a fix. The reset in the app is what was required!

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