Webcam with zoom to relay video via laptop to other monitors


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What I'd like to do is connect a webcam to a laptop in my church, which would simply relay the image in full screen mode to several monitors and a projector (monitors already set up via a VGA splitter box and working fine).

The webcam needs to point to the front but zoomed in. Rotation and audio not required.

Any ideas about which webcam and if I would need additional software on Windows 7 appreciated.


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What do you mean by 'relay'? Transmit across the internet? Send to another computer by cable? Output to the VGA splitter connected to the laptop?

I can't give you much guidance on the camera, although I suspect you may end up looking elsewhere as webcams typically don't zoom - I would guess either security camera or a camera module designed to be integrated into other hardware.


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Thanks for responding. All I want to do is display the webcam in a zoomed in position on my latop (and additionally output onto monitors connected via VGA - that's the easy part). Windows XP automatically displayed a connected webcam via My Computer. Windows 7 does not.


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You might do better with a USB capture card and video camera - maybe an old camcorder than a web cam. Web cams are designed for wide angle close up work and it sounds like you need a big zoom lens.

Your other route is an IP security camera, which can be controlled - zoomed and panned etc. via the control software. Probably more expensive though.

Whatever you put in, there will be some delay - latency through the system. This might be an entirely usable 1/4 second for a USB capture card, or 1 second or more for IP. It all depends upon the speed of your PC and associated hardware.

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