webcam monitoring-surveilance software


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can someone please advice witch software to use for webvam surveilance system?
i do not have experience with that systems and i need your help.
i have a few ipcams and i would like to monitor them .


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i didnt managed to setup a cam in vitamind.
for now i use ispy but i do not know if i can detach a window and have it always stay on the desktop.
i will try the security cam . thanks again


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You can try homecamera. It allows to connect multiple webcams for surveillance.

Monty Burns

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I'm running Webcam XP and its great but its not free. I have two night sight IP Y-Cams (one monitoring the driveway and one in the pitch black garage watching my pride n joy - see sig) and a "normal" USB webcam secretley hidden from the back bedroom window watching the back door/ground window.

Webcam XP does all the usual, acts as a motion detector sending out email pictures and saving PVR data either according to motion or all the time. You can also create mask areas of a picture that you might not want to monitor for motion. For example, the camera looking out of the bedroom window looks straight down and part of the picture has our garden furniture which has a flappy tarpaulin cover. During the wind this can flap about so I mask this little bit out so I don't get motion detection on it.

Obviously, it also allows you to connect to it over the net and view live images or the captured image/video archives. It will also allow you to FTP images up to a host so those pesky thieves don't run off with your footage!

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