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Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum, but hoping someone will be able to stop me changing my trail!

With the prospect of continued home working for a long time I’d like a better setup for video calls (mainly MS Teams), but at the same time I’d like to have a better setup for remote piano lessons.

I’ll explain the details, but the main question is am I being unrealistic trying to find a camera and microphone combination that I could use successfully for both!?

Home working
I’m using a Lenovo Yoga laptop with 2 extra screens, at a standing desk. Laptop on the left, portrait screen in the middle, landscape screen on the right. Camera and mic on the laptop are average, but it would be great to have the following:
  • Higher quality camera
  • Ability to move the camera from facing me to pointing down at the desk, for sharing sketching/notes
  • Better quality audio, especially if not facing the mic directly, e.g. talking while looking at the screen on the right
  • Avoid a headset, if I can
Piano lessons
I’ve been using both the laptop and an iPad for the lessons (mainly Zoom) but picture and audio are not brilliant. Needing to stack coffee tables on top of each other to get the iPad or laptop in an okay position to see the keyboard. Piano is an acWould be great to have the following:
  • Higher quality camera
  • Ability to position the camera easily separate to the screen
  • Wider field of view so that the camera can be closer, giving a better view of the keys/hands etc
  • Better mic for capturing the piano sound, tone is very important in the lessons
  • Would also be nice to use the mic for amateur piano recording from time to time
What I’ve considered
  • Looked at the Logitec Brio webcam which seems well regarded and has a wide field of view.
  • Could mount the webcam on a gooseneck arm from the ceiling in the office, and from a bookshelf near the piano, giving good ability to position.
  • Also considering using a Canon 7D mk2 we have as the camera. Seems this could be done with HDMI and a video capture device, or the EOS Webcam Utility. Just ordered a cable to try the latter (can’t find the original), but it won’t capture audio, and the HDMI method looks like it would require manual focus... not 100% sure.
  • Looked at Blue Yeti and Yeti X microphones, which seem well regarded, but not sure if they’d be the right choice. They seem great for voice recording close to the mic, but if I’m a foot away, or turning away from the mic, videos I’ve seen suggest it’s not so good... Also can’t seem to identify if it would be appropriate for acoustic piano range.
Sorry there’s so much info there! It’s all buzzing round my head and I can’t figure out if my aims are even achievable! Hoping someone can tell me that at least :)
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