Web site to choose recorder by spec

Looking to replace my secondary recorder which is playing up, but with so many different makes/types on the market it's proving difficult to find a suitable candidate.

I'm sure in the distant past when I bought my very first (primary) recorder I found a web site that allowed me to select key functions and from this get a list of qualifying devices, but I can't remember now.

It doesn't have to have a HDD (the main recorder has one of those and this one is designed to act as a standby, just in case I encounter programmes that cross over each other).

Must definitely have:-

  • Dual Freeview/Analougue tuners (the latter being important so that I can record from the 2nd RF output from my Sky box)
  • DVD-RAM recording support.

Would really like to have:-

  • Multi-region or support a remote hack

Nice to have, but not a show stopper:-

  • HDMI output
  • Divx playback

Price - sub £150 preferably.


well , my opinion is you will struggle on the items mentioned above

very few have dual tuners , and I would say very few support dvd ram disks , so to get both as "must haves" seems almost impossible to me

the closest match is the pioneer based sony hxd models , like say a 770 or 870 or 790 or 890 , as these match your requirements apart from the dvd ram side of things ( read but not record )

a 770 would be ideal apart from dvd ram recording , and would match all your other criteria , and more besides

cant help on the website analysis though , suffice to say its only worth looking at panasonic , sony and pioneer models

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