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web n walk (t-mobile internet) for the iphone


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I was wondering if someone could help I have currently unlocked a iphone 3G to tmobile, but on my previous phones I had a web n walk button (app) so i could access the internet plan I have with tmobile, but I can not do this on my iphone can some one help me and tell me what I am doing wrong.



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just use safari to go online and use the web. your t-mobile web n walk will automatically be used as long as the sim is in the iphone.


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Do you have these settings to get it to work on T-Mobile?

1. Go to "Settings">>General>>Network

2. Under "Cellular Data" type the following:
APN: general.t-mobile.uk
Username: user
Password: pass

3. Under "MMS" Enter the following:
APN: general.t-mobile.uk
Username: user
Password: pass
MMSC: http://mmsc.t-mobile.co.uk:8002

4. Reboot the phone.


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This works no bother gurv1 - I have used the 3GS on T-Mobile for 3 or 4 months now. All part of the data plan, and pretty decent 3G coverage.


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Hi ,

me just got a iphone factory unlocked ,,

I have put the settings above ..

But i find it very slow...also 3G works sometimes ...sometimes it dont...

any ideas or help please......

GPRS is just very slow ..........


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Guys what is T-mobiles coverage like for 3G? We've all seen the coverage maps, but reality is normally nothing like it.. .. Im with O2, whats their coverage like? Rubbish if you move around (like driving down the M4, or take the train from SW to London), which is often when you want/need 3G coverage.. Is T-mobile any better?


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It's impossible to say with any certainty as it varies by location, like all networks. Those lucky enough to have good TMobile signal will say it's great, the best... those without will say it's rubbish.

I'm in the latter camp, it's terrible in any location I spend time with Voda and O2 being the best.

Suck it and see... get yourself a TMobile PAYG SIM and try it out.


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I'm planning to joint T-mobile on T-Mobile Combi 30 + Web n Walk.
It comes wiht 1GB allowance for Web browsing & Emails.

Is this all I need for an iPhone (still yet to be purchased) for internet / data browsing or do I need a special package?



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I have input the network settings above and it works but I am unable to downloads games as it says I need a wifi connection. Is there anythin else I can do to make it faster or try something else.

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