Web Interface v2.80 for Foxsat HDR


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I am happy to announce another upgrade to the web interface, bringing the latest version to 2.80.
There are some significant improvements in this version so I recommend you upgrade in order to enjoy the benefits.

The Settings page now has an accordion style tabbed interface, with each tab containing a particular group, or an individual plug-in's settings. Opening one tab closes the last, so that only the particular settings you are interested in are displayed. You no longer have to scroll down through the whole page to find the settings you want. New CSS stylesheet images to support the accordion interface were provided courtesy of af123, renowned author of custom firmware for the HDR Fox T2. Thanks af123 !
The initially active tab is always the 'System Information' tab, but on opening another tab that selection is remembered, and will remain selected on any subsequent visits to the page, or until the selection is changed.

Rendering of the new 'Settings' page, plus the existing 'Documentation' page is now done 'behind the scenes' so you no longer have to suffer the initial jumping around of the various page elements as java repaints the page. (as was evident with the previous docs page)

The 'Update package list from the Internet' option on the package management page now completes a lot faster, (2 seconds as opposed to 11). Thanks once again to af123 for the heads-up on that particular fix.

The bug with setting Manual Timed Reservations reported by member Paull Manpass has been fixed. This bug was introduced by me in version 2.77 because I missed an essential edit to the code. I'm surprised there were not more as there were an awful lot of changes in that upgrade.

Because of the new CSS stylesheets and images it is necessary to clear your browser cache and refresh the current page before using the updated web interface otherwise pages will not be displayed correctly.

To do this first enter Ctrl+Shift+Del to clear the cache
then Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page.

I hope you enjoy these new and updated features

regards to all
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Well impressed. Thanks raydon.


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Channel Icons v1.16 Released
The channel icons are now all glossy icons, which gives them all a standard look.
All the old icons will be removed and so far only freesat channel icons are available.
If those of you that require non-freesat channel icons will post the name(s) as they appear in the channel list I will include them in a future release.

Thanks to raydon who prepared the scripts that downloaded and converted the standard icons.


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Channel Icons v1.17 Released
Includes the following channels added yesterday:
True Drama, Tiny Pop +1 and BBC RB Zero
(BBC RB HD was already there)

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