Question web-based audio library that can stream to DLNA?


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At the moment I have all my FLAC in a Synology.
I also have two DLNA streamers (Neet aristream and my Denen AV Amp).

Synology gives you a media server and a really bad 'audio service' which is a webapp for streaming and library management. I tried to use it with my Neet streamer and it didnt work. Its also bad when it comes to searching for things.

So, Im looking for alterantives:
1) with a web interface that can use a existing ynology DLNA db or even build a new one from a shared folder
2) manage, search and play flac etc (like an itunes on web)
3) play the audio through the DNLAs ___not___ "locally" or "via the browser"
4) linux or docker based please! Im a unix guy sorry! :)
Daphile for example is cool but can only use DACs attached to the systems (right????)



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Presumably by "web based audio library", you're referring to an audio library managing media server that also runs a web server in order to provide web browser hosted user interface (aka 'webapp') that allows you to:
- control the playback of the media player (aka streamer) streaming the audio files provided by the media server;
- configure the media server itself.

That's exactly what the Synology NAS's media server is currently doing. So if you are not happy with the Synology NAS media server's webapp, you have to find a replacement for the whole lot, ie, another media server that has similar capabilities!

Also it makes more sense to find one that can run on the same NAS. I'd certainly forget about trying to do this on a Linux based box with it accessing the NAS's shared folders over the network in order to manage the audio library - a network inefficiency horror show!

The only media server I can think of with the capabilities you require and should run on your Synology NAS, is the Logitech Media Server. You've actually already mentioned having experienced using it - see the 'BTW' in the next paragraph. LMS is actually for Squeezebox type streamers so is normally incompatible with UPnP/DLNA streamers. However, the UPnPBridge plugin allows any UPnP/DLNA streamer to be used by LMS as a Squeezebox.

BTW, Daphile is a proprietary Squeezebox based player, so is able to stream audio files supplied by the Logitech Media Server, just like any other Squeezebox type player. It's LMS, not Daphile, that has web server that provides the webapp that you find 'cool'. Daphile does come with an internal private restricted version of LMS, but its player can be configured use a normal external LMS.

Also, which model of Synology NAS are you using?
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Hi and the for the detailed reply!

My synology is an Atom based with 6gb ram so I can run dockers and a small vm easily.
An RPi and shares over the network will probably be ok. I have a corporate level switch etc so i dont see any problem. Or a small vm on the synology.

I didn’t know the LMS and the Squeezebox so ill have to google it!!


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This relatively recent post of mine on another forum (different issue but similar solution) should help you install the latest version of LMS (7.9.2) on either the Synology NAS or the RPi:
*Official* Tidal music streaming thread - Page 66 - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

More info on the UPnP/DLNA bridge LMS 3rd party plugin:
Announce: UPnPBridge = integrate UPnP/DLNA players with LMS (squeeze2upnp)

Material Skin LMS 3rd party plugin - should improve the LMS webapp's default appearance:
Announce: Material Skin
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Why not use Plex ?
Does the Plex webapp support controlling the playback of UPnP/DLNA streamers?

My understanding was that the Plex webapp can only control the playback of Plex's own players and also Chromecast devices.


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I think Logitech Media Server is the best bet!!! configuring now! Volumio is just like a basic HEOS/Denon buildin thingy.


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Unless you actually do need another UPnP/DLNA streamer, why did you opt for the Volumio specialised audio file player distro for the RPi to install LMS on?

Isn't the manual install of LMS on plain ol' Raspbian Lite (or perhaps DietPi) straight forward enough, especially with you being a 'nix guy?
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yeap you are right! I was overcomplicating things. luck of knowledge in the streaming world.

I run a simple LMS and a picoreplayer on the PI.
Now LMS plays nice with NeetStreamer I have and the PCP!
With the material skin as you said.

Thanks a lot!

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