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I know that there a number of you "IT" bods that frequent this forum, so I hope the mods will leave this here.

I am not a programmer by profession, in fact by many standards I'm not a programmer period, but I have an "interest" in the black arts. I even made a reasonable first attempt (IMHO!) at writing a ColdFusion application for SWMBO's website using MySQL as the database.

I have a germ of an idea that I want to explorer with respect to writing an application for web browsers and which in broad terms would make use of similar coding methods as used by Google Notebooks. This little app uses a database and sits in the foreground of any web page that is shown and can interact with the page/browser.

Can anyone recognise the sorts of "tools" / "coding" or application builder I would need to get to grips with to be able to write such a type of application?



PHP and MySQL sounds like the type of thing you need to use, have it as an include file on every page to interact with each page.

I use Dreamweaver for this, but notepad will do! Dreamweaver is just a little easier because it changes the colour of the text so you know you've closed tags properly and stuff like that. Let me know if you need any help with ideas for coding, it sounds as though you kind of want a mini forum type thing, but with only one "thread"?

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The Google Notebooks installs as either an extension in Firefox or IE. As it is an extension the functionality is available on any web site. I assume an "extension" is a bit of (Java?) code that get automatically executed on a browsers boot up, a bit like an autoexec.

One can read all the client side coding when you install the extension, see attached.

There is a server side API that can be used for anyone to access the notebook, but I don't want to do that. Either I'll create a server side data repository or for casual users, a local XML file.

As much as I would welcome an opportunity to have a guardian angel sat on my shoulder for my benefit alone, and although a forum of one would be nice, I realise I may have to solicit support in other ways. I have online access to Lynda.com (pay monthly subscription) so I can get online tutorials on a number of subjects. So far my brain has been sucked out through a straw while getting an overview of AJAX, DOMs, XMLHttpRequests and the like!

Perhaps I'm biting off more than I can chew, but the best way to eat an elephant is to do it a mouthful at a time!


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