Wearing underwear during massage or not? (UK)


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Im a male and have never been quite sure what is normal etiquette when receiving massage. But it seems like whenever I Google the matter, most places say that it's normal to remove your underwear as you'll be covered by a towel anyway.

I had my first massage today with a female therapist and she asked me to undress and get underneath the towel that was on the massage bed. I thought I'd remove my underwear due to the towel, and the fact that she didnt ask me to leave my underwear on before she left the room.

When she started the massage she lifted up the towel a little and saw that I was nude underneath, she seems a little surprised and awkward, but we both kinda saw the funny side. I said I'd put my underwear back on so she left briefly again while I did that.

The rest of the session seemed fine and we we chatting throughout it. But I'm worried that she will think I'm some kind of creep...

I've now done further reading and it seems that in the UK people tend to keep their underwear on! But every other country I read about seems the opposite?


Is that a covered or uncovered ass you are laughing off?


Why would you take your underwear off, even if you are covered by a towel?
I mean, its not going to make the massage more beneficial.
You are more likely to form an embarrassing little wigwam.

** i guess its depends 'where you go' for that.... massage, and what type.


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I usually leave my pants on, unless requested. But i know the girls that massage me, train with them at them at the gym. And at the end of the day, at our age, they’ve seen a naked man before.


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I think we should ask Elon Musk to comment :devil: :D

IL Cattivo

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Had 3 full-body Turkish massages while on holiday recently.
Given recent media attention and controversy related to massages in recent years (Deshawn Watson + Jeffrey Epstein), I thought it better to...

1) Request a male masseuse
2) Wear my boxers to the sessions


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I am following this thread with interest now, as this would be something I would have done.

I’ve had full body massages in China, Maldives and Bratislava, and if memory serves me right it was a no undies affair. I think before the message, a shower was taken hence why no undies but thin cotton ‘pyjamas’ were provided.

I’ve also had a physiotherapist/ sports massage for which I just took off my shirt.
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