Weak or no Signal error


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Evening all

Just wondered if anyone could diagnose a weird problem that has just come up for me.

My Sky+HD box has been connected to my Hisense 7500 TV for months since I got the TV via HDMI with no problems. Now out of the blue, when the Sky+HD box powers on, I get no picture on the TV, just the hisense displaying Weak or no signal. Make sure your device is connected properly.

I tried powering off both devices and have checked and reseated cables at both ends - same result. I also changed to a different HDMI cable to try that - same result. I also tried all three HDMI sockets on the TV - same result on all. These three sockets do work as I connected up my PC to each of them in turn to test them.

The only way I can get it to work is to pull the HDMI out of the Sky+HD box whilst it and the TV are both powered on. This seems to "initialise" the HDMI output and it works from then until the next time the Sky+HD box next goes into standby.

Is this likely a failure in the Sky+HD box do you think? Does anyone know of a resolution or has experienced this problem themselves?

Thanks in advance


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Can be closed. Sourced another Sky+HD box and all working again.

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