We NEED a FAQ for people with problems!!!

Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by funcky, Dec 20, 2006.

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    Okay someone should make a FAQ and have it stickied, sticked, stickyed........... so anyway yer, theres a great FAQ here for newbies which I went through a couple of times. There should be one for all the problems as well, unfortunatly it seems there are alot, and I do mean alot of people with problems. So some people are on their 1st 360 with no probs at all, good for them, that just makes people that have faults jealous.

    Before I bought the 360 the main problem I knew about was overheating with the earlier batches, I thought this would have been fixed by now. I mean come on it is such a problem that several compainies can make money from this, as there are several 3rd party cooling devices made just for the 360. That is just plain rediculous, they are making money from a hardware fault and peoples paranoia on a bloody console.

    A FAQ would be great, list the main problems people are having and offer advice, then hopefully anyone with a prob will look at the faq first before posting another problem thread. Maybe there is a possible solution, or its time to get a replacement, so then give advice on how to go about that or how to get MS to replace/fix it. Also include info about the sales of of goods act and how people should be able to demand a replacement still in its first year, I mean look at this poor guy http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=442863

    it looks like hes getting shafted with a big retailer even when hes paid for extended warrenty. People are having doubts whether Gamestation will help replace after 1 month, as they been told that the warrenty is only 1 month with them, after that go to MS. Whats worse is they told me I should go to MS with my problem after only 1 week! they did replace it for me, but thats not the point. I thought retailers are by law required to replace a faulty product within its 1 year warrenty, are Gamestation exempt?

    The problem I had with my 1st 360 was my GOW disc was being scratched, it took me quite a while to get through the amount of posts on the topic as I searched through this forum and the xbox.com forums as well. It turns out there alot of people had probs as well and it was'nt just 1 single fault either, there were a few different reasons.

    Heres a few things I found out
    - many people having a prob with the same game
    - the scratches all seem to be in a circular path
    - the disc was not level
    - there were cracks on the edges of the inner ring
    - or simply dodgy 360.

    The solution for some people it was a matter of getting a replacement disc from where they bought it, and others the 360 had to be replaced as well. Also from this I found out many owners were having probs with the 360 scratching any disc, and Oblivion was a popular name I saw with respect to disc scratching.

    So I think a FAQ is NEEDED! that way there is less chances of a new poll on failures every month, there will be less threads like "Whats wrong with my 360?", "Aargh 3 red lights" "360 dead, now what".
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    Agree 100%, it's just no-one's got round to it yet, more than happy for anyone to do it, but if no-one steps up I plan to add to the FAQ myself as soon as I get some time - am just mad busy at work right now.

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