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We are now shipping: Body Melt - The Director's Cut (R1)

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Roughneck1, Nov 21, 2003.

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    It’s a sunny day in suburbia. Suddenly, a hideously deformed, dying man disrupts the peace when he crashes his car into Pebbles Court, the better part of Homesville. He’s the victim if an experimental drug marketed as the dietary supplement Vimuville, which has apparently malfunctioned. He has arrived too late to warn the population of Homesville not to try the pill dropped in their mailbox by a respectable pharmaceutical company. Unfortunately, the folks of Homesville are suckers for freebies and start deforming, mutating, exploding, and otherwise experiencing sudden and very gruesome deaths. A local health spa becomes the nerve center for this horrific outbreak as the film spirals down a catastrophic path that has been compared to John Carpenter’s 1995 film In The Mouth of Madness. Full of shocking surprises, imaginative photography, and layered with gore, Body Melt offers horrific entertainment as lustful teenagers. Old ladies, health staff, and respectable families go through the merciless deteriorating torture.


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