WDTVlive and Netgear Stora NAS.


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Hopefully this will be a simple one for someone.

Got 3 WDTVlive's and, one of which has 2x2tb hard disks that are shared on the network, I also have a LaCie 1tb NAS and a Netgear Stora 4tb NAS.

I have my movies on the stora with covers in each folder saved under the filename folder.

I can connect to the LaCie NAS as both a media server and a network share and see the media, I can only connect to the stora as a media server as it says there are no files when I select it as a network share. In media server mode the covers are not displayed.

Ay ideas how to get it to find the files in network share mode? I have a feeling it's something to do with permissions but to my knowledge I haven't changed anything and it worked before.

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Sorta's are weird boxes, designed to be easier to use but end up complicating things even more, I looked at the manual and came away even more confused.

There's a thread here that might be of help.

My guess is disable auto login, make sure the Sorta is on workgroup network name, if there is a public/guest access option on the folders enable that and then see if the Live can access it.

In the manual under server preferences there is a enable networking, set enabling network share for private files to yes and the workgroup name as workgroup that might be it.

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