WDTV or Asus O!Play?


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Hi all,

I'll be moving into a new flat soon (getting rid of the parents, hurray!).

I'll be buying a decent size TV (around the 40" mark), I stumbled across the WDTV on play.com and instantly thought this was a great idea, especially as i have all my DVDs ripped onto my PC (currently my PC screen is bigger than the TV I have in my room).

Although impressed by the WDTV I looked around and discovered the Asus O!Play which is quite similar.

I'm not massively bothered about network capability (I also realise the WDTV2 is incoming soon). I'm also not that bothered about the price difference between the 2 of them.

The main deciding factor would be the quality of the upscaling, all my moves are ripped at 720 x 568 (I think that's correct, i'm at work so can't check, i'll update when i get home). How would these look upscaled on a 40" TV?

Are there any other advice you can give to help me choose between them?

Many thanks!


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The Asus O!Play and AC Ryan PlayOn!HD are the same hardware and software, the AC Ryan can take an internal HD the Asus unit cannot.

Oh and the Asus is silent, the AC Ryan unit is not, it has an active fan.

I honestly dont think theres that any difference between picture quality on the WDTV and O!Play. The remote is kinda crappy (unresponsive) on the WDTV but it has a better GUI, the Asus has a better remote but not as nice a GUI although that may change in the future through firmware updates.

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