WDTV and WHS 2011 problems


Im having some problems getting my movies that are on my Home server running WHS 2011 to show on my WDTV live box down stairs.

Its not locating anything within the shared folder, or the media server folder.

Has anyone else had these problems? how did you get round them? Im not that amazing with networks, but know a little, but i cant help feeling out of my depth on this one.

I have done some searching and found this thread

WDTV Live player can not access network shares on WHS 2011 RC!

What is the computer browser? and how do i set it to automatic?

if anyone could help ill be most helpful! Ill keep googling from some answers, but AVF i find is the best place for info.



niall campbell

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buy a NAS with an ethernet connection and hook it up to your router

WD My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage 2 TB Network Attached Storage: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

store all your media on there

either download Divx/ AVi files so anything can play them or use freemake.com to convert MKV to Divx

your xbox will do all this and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! press the Big X on the xbox controller, scroll right to media, select source and select PC or NAS and play.

I have 3 xbxoxs to stream and if you download the new apps like 4OD, CH 5 , tou tube etc your laughing. Hopefully BBC iplayer coming this year

with a NAS no need for a PC on !
Thanks, that doesnt help my situation out with my server....


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Think you have to tell the WD box to mount the server, ie mount the drive.

That i do with mine is to have a mount file on a usb stick with the location of the folders you want to access.
Something like this:-

xmount "//" "Movies" cifs
xmount "//" "Photos" cifs
xmount "//" "Video" cifs
xmount "//" "Music" cifs
I now have my server displaying on media servers, but when i get into it, there are no files there. Im nearly bold over this! lol. Anyone got an idea? or have a good tutorial link. Really struggling now.
anyone help?

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