WDTV 1st Gen Audio Problem


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I Have a old WDTV 1st Gen with alot of movies on it, most of them 1080p DTS
i have a Optical Cable running from

WDTV ---> Panasonic SC-PT170

the wdtv plays AC3 but wont play DTS, im not sure why though,went through all the settings the surround works fine with the tv (which i know has nothing to do with this problem) but im at my wits end with the box itself and am thinking of selling it because its annoying me so badly, does anybody have any ideas on how i can possibly fix this?



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A lot of the Panasonic all in ones will only playback DTS from their internal DVD player and not thru the optical input.


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Grr could be the reason so no chance this will work with the WDTV then?

if this is the case then what a fool i am didnt ever think about anything like that :(


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Yes , there are plenty of threads on this already , the panasonic all in ones have the DTS limitation , not the WDTV , I have a WDTV playing through a Yamaha 1900 and it has never had a problem with DTS.


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sorry guys thought i would post here, i need a av a all in one system that can decode DTS (most can do this). i need for sub 150 if possible preferably the 125 mark

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