WD Externa Hard Drive problems, please help :(


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Hi Guys,

I purchased a 1tb western digital external hard drive about a month ago and had no problems till now. ive ripped alot of my music and movies on to my laptop and thought instead of storing it on the laptop and causing lots of use of space, i will store it on my western digital. but ive noticed that when i go to move larger files from my laptop to my western digital it is taking ages. and i have also noticed when i go to play music from my qetsern digital, it wont play the music without it stopping and starting. if anyone could help me i would be grateful.

am using Windows 7 and western digital elements.




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I forgot to add, that i tested transfering a video file from one windows folder to another windows folder and had to problems, am seriously starting to think that its my western digital external hard drive.


It does take at lot longer to transfer files to an external USB HDD compared to copying around in windows, how long are we talking here, it used to take my old laptop about 1minute to copy a 350MB video file to a WD elements drive, and it would take longer when the drive was getting full up. One thing that can really slow it down is if your USB port defaults to USB 1.1 then that would be extremely slow but you would probably get a warning about that.

You could try checking the disk for errors (Chkdsk) properties of drive > Tools >Check Now, or command prompt chkdsk /r , then after that try disk defragment found in same place, I don't know if this will help, you might aswell run them on your laptop HDD too.
Maybe try the HDD on a different PC and if it doesn't work well then there is a good chance there is a problem with it
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