Way to see ALL my photos on TV?


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Before I switched to mostly taking photos through my phone and uploading them to Facebook I took photos on a digital camera and kept them all in folders. On my first big screen Pioneer TV there was a way for me to watch all my stored photos as a slideshow/shuffle/random, which was great fun, seeing old pics that way, as well as going to a specific album and just looking at those. My new (well 2014!) Samsung TV doesn't really appear to have a way to do something similar with all my photos, whether on cloud or NAS.
But what I'd really like is a way to see ALL my photos shuffled in a random stream, each for a few seconds. i.e. the ones I have that aren't on FB and the ones that are. Which naturally needs to keep up with photos I post on FB.
Anyone know a way to achieve that, i.e. something that can scan a location for stored photos and trawl my FB account for photos I've taken and present them as one set?
Even just doing a random slideshow of FB OR the stored photos would be good if they can't be together.


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A smart TV with networking capabilities should be able to access JPEG files stored on your network, but the TV's own media browsing software can often be lacking and may not offer the slideshow functionality you're after, in which case installing a media streaming app like Plex would give you more functionality. If it isn't available in your TV's app store, then see if there are any similar alternatives or consider using an alternative source to run Plex from like a streaming device (Fire TV Stick, Roku or Chromecast) or games console.

What do you use for backing up your phone photos ? Android apps for Google Photos or Amazon Photos would run from a Chromecast/Fire TV Stick or similar and would most likely have a slideshow option. I'm fairly sure you can use photos from your Amazon Photos account in the screen saver option on their devices. It's worth checking your TV's app store for those apps too, if you want to avoid having to buy a separate streaming device.

I doubt any of these options will allow photos to be pulled out of your Facebook account - I can't imagine that's going to be an easy thing to achieve.


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Not possible to mix them but if you feel like some DIY Kodi has a facebook media plugin and slideshow plugin (for regular photos sources).

Kodi can read media from a variety of sources such as NAS, DLNA, USB and other exotic network links, via this you can browse your old photos.

Cheapest way to get started is
1 - get a kit like this
2 - flash libreelec to the SD card (an OS thats runs Kodi)
3 - make sure Samsung Anynet is enabled on TV and you should be able to use TV remote to control R-Pi Kodi with no need for USB keyboard.

(you will need USB SD card reader for PC too unless you have a laptop with SD reader)

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