way to improve picture on pw7 37"

Baron Von Doom

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ive got a 37" pw7 screen
sky box (not +)
panasonic dmr e 55 recorder
toshiba sd530e dvd player

i currently have the recorder and sky into scart selector then into scart input board.
the toshiba is connected via component.
ps2 into scart selector.

is there any way to get an even better picture. i have quality scarts.
wasv thinking of an rgb to vga converter. would this make any diffrence to picture quality?
also would i benifit from a new dvd player?
is there an hdmi board available for this screen and if so would it make any difference? (with suitable dvd player)

may upgrade plasma soon to a 42" but i want the best possible picture first as will be going for another panasonic.


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van damme are very good but a bit pricey at around £40 - £50 - try av sales. Not sure if MArk Grant does vga, worth a look to see if he does. (cables forum here)

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