Wavy/bend reflection Samsung Neo QLED 55QN85A


Hi all,

Since two weeks we own a Samsung Neo QLED 55QN85A. Overall we are happy with the performance of the TV. There is only one thing I am concerned about: the reflection looks like its bends (see attachment). It kinda distracts when the TV is off or on dark scenes now that I know the bending is there.

The shop where I bought it offers me to swap the television, but if this one will have it to its not worth it ;-)

Thanks in forward.


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Close the blinds to keep reflections to a minimum. If you watch the TV in complete darkness does the image look distorted or as it should?

I would recommend you close those blinds slightly and if viewing at night use a lamp or something to help reduce the appearance of blooming.


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Moths eye filter?


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I would say that's normal as there is always some slight variation on the screen. Q: Does the qn88a like that as that screen looks really reflective suggesting it doesn't have a moth eye filter or a matt finish to the screen?

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