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Over the Edge of the wave......

OK, so it's a crest of a wave but we're all friends here lol.

Panasonic FZ30
Shutter 1/200
Apeture 7.1
ISO 80
Focal 88.8 = 444mm 35mil
EXIF embeded.

Post Processing...
Denoise, reduced to fit to 800 and less than 120k, border added.

Bondi Beach ? No a wee place called Coldingham, Scottish Borders, on a great Easter Saturday out.

All comments greatly appreciated.



Nice shot mate:thumbsup:

This theme is open to interpretation so I dont think you have to explain.It looks like hes going over the edge of the board rather than the wave:D .

Nice and bright.:thumbsup:


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The colours and capture cannot be better, it's a beautiful photo, but the composition is (IMHO) letting the overall impact of the image down. If only you had been able to hold off the shutter a split second longer, or pan slightly left so that the surfer was either mid frame or slightly right of mid-frame, either would have helped make it into a great shot, complete with wake from the board and and as Vulcan has said, maybe catching the surfer on his way off the board! :) The wave is important, but shouldn't be subject of the photo, this should have been fair & square the surfer. If you had enough pixels to play with, you may have been able to crop in a more dynamic way.

As it is though, it's a very nice shot and I hope it does well. :smashin:


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I had the FZ30 set up to take multiple frames in burst mode at the time. This was the first that was captured as he was not about to fall over the edge of the board but starting to stand up onto it.

I looked at all the shots and the others, for me, just didn't quite look as right as I thought this did.

If I had more patience, or perhaps found a better vantage point, then I may have come up with something a little better framed.

Thanks for all your comments, all much appreciated :thumbsup:



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Lovely shot. You've stopped the action well, and as said there's lots of energy in the picture. Weather looks lovely too!


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Thanks. Don't forget however there's plenty of time left this month to submit your shot.

I've been playing a little with some of the shots I took yesterday and found the crop tool :smashin: Very handy, and have most have mentioned it does look better if framed slightly differently.

Post processing, a whole new world to me but I feel I have to experiment a little with it :lesson:



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Very nice :smashin:


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love the shot. Captured really well.

ps.... where do you get waves like that in scotland :D


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I actually think the surfer is in the right part of the frame as you can see where he is going on the board (and i'm also a lover of strong thirds compositions), however, i would have taken a smidge off the bottom as that part of the image is a little bereft of interest. Great shot.


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Lovely shot. Great colours and it does look like he's about to stack it. I would agree with Steve's comments about a slight crop off the bottom.

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