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thinking of changing my bay/res pump combo to a cyclinder one, and new case

trying to understanding builds where i see a tube coming from the top of the reservoir up to the radiator, down through components and then back into the bottem of the reservoir,

all the ones i see have entry and exit at the bottem?


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Sorry Im not sure I understood your post, Is this a question?
I think your asking if most drain points are at the bottom? Well it makes sense as it's easier to drain the loop, plus there's a smaller chance of damaging your components if you ever get a leak whilst trying to drain?


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i think he means is there a res that is vertical that has input and output at top and bottom. there is one, i got a XSPC ddc proton 140 that had ins and outs at top and bottom. just didn't fit my case, corsair air 540

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