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Watercooling, help need for newbe

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by Lizard, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Lizard

    Lizard Well-known Member

    Oct 27, 2005
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    Hi all :hiya:
    I was planning on upgrading my CPU at this time, but as it will mean new ram, MB etc as well, then I've decided to knock it on the head for the time being and get the best that i can from my present setup.

    The product I am leaning towards getting is a Zalman RESERATOR XT (see link)
    ::: Zalman, leading the world of Quiet Computing Solutions :::

    If for no other reason than it seems pretty straight forward to fit and comes with nearly everthing i need, which leads me on to my question :rolleyes:

    What I cant seem to find is any water blocks for the RAM sticks, and wonder if they exist as a result, and also I am at a complete pizzle as to how you are ment to know what blocks to fit to a GPU card as their are so many different types :rolleyes:

    One final question, but with my CPU & GPU water cooled, does this mean i will be able to remove all the fans from my case or will I still need some? prob a dumb question :lease:

    Many thanks
  2. Brozart

    Brozart Active Member

    Dec 23, 2009
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    South Wales, UK
    Well thats a pretty good water cooling system right there. Mind you, if you want something simple, you can't beat a Corsair h50 for a cpu cooler but you'd still need air for ram and gpu . .

    And you answer for the case fans, it depends because your hard-drives and motherboard chipset still heat up, just get one silent intake and one silent exhaust just to be on the safe side. (heard good things from sarkoon silent eagle 1000 fans)

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