Water resistant, airplay, flush wall speakers?


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I need to install a pair of water/humidity resistant speakers in an indoor pool. They must be wall mounted and flush, and the overall system must be airplay compatible.

Does anyone know of a solution that does all this? Or will I need to find regular humidity-proof speakers (e.g B&W CWM362) and run them wired back to an airplay-enabled amp?

Thanks in advance.


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Hmmm...with a bit of further research I'm landing here. Please someone yell if I'm getting this horribly wrong!

Speakers: B&W CWM362 (£200-ish for a pair)
Lepai TA 2020+ mini amp (£25 and stellar reviews on Amazon)
Apple airport express (Free, it's lying in a drawer)

Simply hide the amp in the cupboard behind the pool, Ethernet to the airport and away we go?


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That should work although not sure how loud it will be since it is not a huge powered amp and only 2 speakers in a pool sized room is not exactly many either.

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